The rush of streets

The streets are crowded with smells of
earth, crack in the asphalt
blade of summer grass; taste of naked
leaves on a sidewalk tree. ….
passerbys someone stares, they will not
look through my eyes, nor
steal my thoughts. ….
silk of thread between hydrant and rusty
antenna, fly loosed by wind;
smoky cab exhaust in my mouth forever,
yet i am disguised in my age
in my race in the full-noon day; leaves soon
colored as barn hay, tree
boughs wag; i listen to all sides of the city.

Copyright © 07/29/2015 fishbonepoetry®


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2 comments on “The rush of streets

  1. Oh my these images grabbed at this reader’s remembrances of the same truths on her walks to work. These descriptions described the exact feelings she’s felt many times – amazing!

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