A woman veiled

“i am of the religion that i am underwater being
saved, the skeptical horizon does not
touch beneath, a butterfly cannot swim without
light. …i have never been astonished
by male martyrs, the melodies sung by a bird
are sweet; a frail dewdrop drips from
a tree. …i cannot exist without my veil, it has
absorbed me, my feathered friend,
inside we can only breathe; with, the moving
waters cannot drown. …i am at peace,
not a priestlike task, but pure ablution; i gaze
through the new soft-fallen mask, the
ripening breast, and so live ever in my soul.”

Copyright © 11/04/2015 lance sheridan®


This entry was posted in Poetry.

2 comments on “A woman veiled

  1. Such a magnificent writing with images exploding!

  2. My sincerest appreciation, Barbara.

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