Too long a sacrifice

“i will arise for there is always night
and dawn, the lake water
laps on my arm, much as aging
laps on my youth. …the air
gray that i breathe, too long a sacrifice,
i cannot breathe; my eyes
once had dreams, now shadows deep”

“Yet, i will arise, so still is the water,
everything exists—the mud
beneath my feet, the sky above; myself
i must remake, promises to
keep. …i swim for the shore, but which
shore, i whispered; i now walk
along the smooth stones, dappled grass”

“How pale the dawn amid my wandering,
the lake water reaches—wharves
of sorrow sink; white clover, white stars
i now see. …woven dreams in
my sleep, i breathe the night air into my
soul; i drink the morning nectar,
no longer from the bitter, shattered life.”

Copyright © 11/10/2015 lance sheridan®


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4 comments on “Too long a sacrifice

  1. Oh my but this is beautiful as an alluring painting seeks a soul and brings moments of listening, hearing and waiting – this is great!

  2. Great poem and photo “Not waving but drowning” – Sylvia Plath

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