She is softly wading

She is softly wading
but the rocks
aren’t softly wading,
nor the sea,
the mist is softly breathing
i walk down to the sea
to hear her voice,
to breathe. …
perhaps the night found a
path to the sea,
perhaps it will stoop and
drink from the
black ink blackness. …

In silent form she touched
the sea, she touched
the sea with
her palm,
that same ofttimes has
she opened up
the foam,
no longer mysterious
no longer wild
the sea began the calm,
no perilous sea,
no sailors to be warned. …

i hear the melodious rhythm
of waves
and breeze,
i hear her voice, ever warm
my heart panting
my parching lust,
thirsting for her love. …
i remain in the midst of tide
and night
acquainted with their
sounds, her feet
softly wading, wading
towards me.

Copyright © 12/21/2015 lance sheridan®


4 comments on “She is softly wading

  1. This writing captures the essence of a search for a lover – the images are magnificent, causing the reader’s imaginations to run wild to find an ending of satisfaction – love it!

  2. Barbara, your thoughts and support of my work are sincerly appreciated!

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