Children with water

Clayed skies, rain leaning hard
on a tenement window
where memories are held in
cracked glass trying to escape;
in a corner, a mother
sews, anxious about money
the needle is dull…

Her children stare, wondering where
puddles are lonely
to fill with naked feet and
mingling hands—
where do their wanderings go
where do their poor
and aging hands go…

In water, they stand with dullness
painted on tired faces—
the dim gray smog listless
full of fading light;
the city empties whispers into
their ears, a stained
cold numbness…

In bed, her children restless
and hungry, dream of
scurrying along floors like
mice looking for scraps of food;
puddles empty into earthen
graves, far from
the silence of youthful eyes.

Copyright © 03/15/2016 lance sheridan®



8 comments on “Children with water

  1. Lovely. Interesting photo too where is that from?

  2. Such vivid images this paints the picture a reader desires to view and leaves lingering imaginations in the mind.

  3. Your images embrace and linger within as it captivates all of my senses.
    Thank you for sharing your heart, Lance ~

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