The watercolors of a city

i caught this morning’s rain, its watercolors-
dome of daylight’s breath, dapple-dawn in its riding
Of rolling moisture and dew on windows and sill
Storm clouds passing, rung upon the rein of clothen wind
In this city’s awakening, off forth the gladden
on swings and skates, heels sweep the earth, the chalk
Sidewalks fill, voices murmur- rebuffs a warm,
summer wind, the city’s heart is filled.

Brick and mortar beauty here, O! pride and soul here
Prejudices swept into dustbins and alleys and forgiveness
Memories written, traded- fade into youthful faces.

The wonder, the joy of it! the sheerness of it- into walls
and streets the colors painted boldly stroked
Falling brightly themselves- golden brown dashes.

Copyright © 05/11/2016 lance sheridan®



2 comments on “The watercolors of a city

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    I’m in love with this poem. I keep coming back just for another read, its so beautiful just the rain when it falls : ) – Michelle

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