Absolution and the stone tear steps

She walked the unholy path- threw the
sand grains onto her bed; her innocence
kept under a pillow where it waited for
the intimacy of a silent dream. …restless

Sleep till the morning climbed up the
steeple church turret window, awoken
she prayed, but not on her knees; runaway
thoughts like a dark blade sharp- scything

The pre-prayered air; her arms were blind
when she waved the cross. …numberless
tongues, each with a number, waiting for
the confession booth to put her morals on a

Whipping post; crying, white frocked, she sat on
the stone tear steps- hers as tiny white
pebbles cleansing her soul; absolved, all
alone and still; now and again comes the

Wanton starer. …they say she’s as dry as
paste waiting for a rain- she waits unknowing,
who is her savior, is it the up-rose religious
man, or the unholy ghost rising grimly; yet

She remains, not placed in the folly wooden
grave, not soulfully singing under grass blades
long; close and far her heart is to the scripture,
but deemed a trespasser by the priest collars.

Copyright © 06/24/2016 lance sheridan

Absolution and the stone tear steps



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