In the shadow moon

We shall not have the sea,
nor shadow fish;
we breathe it deep in its
black, lulling waves,
dune grass cold and closer;
sun blooms the
wind, sand grains blowing in
their secret selves;
islands of winter soon, the sea
sleeping alone in
the shadow moon—deep, in
its black bones,
waves lull in their drips and
currents; yet both
shall arise again in the sky cloud
breath of spring.

In the shadow moon

Copyright © 06/25/2016 lance sheridan

4 comments on “In the shadow moon

  1. rabirius says:

    Again, a great poem.

  2. Barbara says:

    Such a profound and deep mind set poem, it caused this reader to soak in each line and be amazed at its content. Lance this is what one writer would call excellent – proud of you my friend!

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