Poem to be published


I am pleased to inform you that your poem is slated for publication on Jellyfish Whispers on July 19. I will email you again when your work goes live on our site.

Thanks again,

A.J. Huffman
editor, Kind of a Hurricane Press


Yet the fog shall rise, and many blackened wings shall wane

To light upon branch and twig yet not to rest,
but into silence-
feathers unfed from wind,
wings hemmed in the stillness of mist and water;
soft, rippling waves search
for the shore where languid pleasure fades.

In the midday, perhaps, one lust, one dream-
to fly,
for small voices to be heard stringing through
the fog,
bend ye wings on these, on hopes. …
or shall we sate obedient.

Yet (surely) the fog shall rise, and many blackened
wings shall wane. …
soon, crowned with grey feathers,
and cold wind with icy fingers-
thrusting a hand before the lifted flight
(if thus it be, in a drop of time).

Copyright © 04/08/2016 lance sheridan®


6 comments on “Poem to be published

  1. Barbara says:

    Lance congratulations – A powerful & profound poem!

  2. Just the one! If I were a publisher I would do a whole book of your amazing poems

  3. This is a beautiful poem! Congratulations!

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