Through the long shores of streams

Through the long shores of streams i walk
amid the shadows of stones
by the stalks of reeds, dreaming of the
sweetness of her
the daylong sleep of her; i carry for my
love in my palm
the petals of flowers from the rains of
basins in shallow pools-
by the galleries of orchards where the
sparrows sing and the rabbit
warrens bristle, sheltered by flagstone
walls i walk; i listen for her
voice past the old elms and grassy moss;
soon the dwindling sun,
the moon benights me, drifting light across
black bass current- i cross a meadow
misting fragrance of milk white clover;
she, painted by moonlight,
eyes brown amber soft- my love i adore.

Copyright © 08/10/2016 lance sheridan®





4 comments on “Through the long shores of streams

  1. rabirius says:

    Again, I like your poem very much.

  2. Barbara says:

    The beauty in this is painted on a canvas for readers to not only read but to enjoy the greatness of the beauty in it – great!

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