i await the voice of the sea

Once upon, a sunset spread across a painted sky
and wind spun clouds with amber colors, pushed
them across the tided knots of the sea into corners
where the strumpshaw grasses grew- rubbed across
the yellow rattle of fen, wood pilings stood in the

Drain of the marsh; lingering light slipping into
cracks of aging wood in row and dock; i have
known them for a moment in time, measured out
with stones in fog- yet i counted the inches of
rising sea in a tethered boat; scuttling currents

Came quick and slow, rains wept and fasted, i
wept and prayed to see just one more moment;
to see the dawn, the dusk throwing off the shawl
of moon and sun- i grow old, my trousers aging,
yet remembering the porcelain dooryard of my
youth by the seawater, in its whispering i hear.

Copyright © 08/15/2016 lance sheridan®



5 comments on “i await the voice of the sea

  1. rabirius says:

    Makes me want to travel to the sea immediately.

  2. Your poems take the reader on a journey through time, Lance.

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