My breath in the sea

Rocky strand, crashing of the sea
The boney fingers of waves fastened to my flesh
Cloud and lightning laced with brimstone
Sweeps and hurls down rain
I whirled out the oars, stroke and a strain
Before me, the jagged crags, rooted in the shoals.

I lose my oars, now roped to the flanks
I think about my love, the storm descends
Brim of a whitecap, flood of a wave
Wrings the anvil-ding, all weather at once
Once at a crash; I sink in the flange, the rail of the sea.

On a cliff, the wind spins to my widow, the sea is flint
Her tears hope and the sloggering brine binds them-
In a seal of its darkness with mine, forever to keep
The girth of it, the depth of it, and the wall
It is the love in her, the comfort in her that I breathe.

Copyright © 08/30/2016 lance sheridan®



4 comments on “My breath in the sea

  1. Barbara says:

    This is another profound writing from Lance that swings the imagination into full motion with his fantastic and utterings of a wild & unpredictable ocean – I can only say one thing Lance – “You’ve done it again!” – a poets dream of satisfaction!!

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