Adulthood is the cruelest month

Adulthood is the cruelest month
Smiles tucked away in forgotten albums
Memories washed away in rain,
And we searched for the sunlight
And we drank coffee in the ticking hours
Remembering when we were children-
Down we went on the slide, holding on tight
Frightened at first, but then we felt free
Your shadow striding behind you
Your feet landing at the bottom, grabbing
For the dust and the dry stones.

And then came the rain
Your arms dripping, your hair wet
Quietly we ran into the forgetful years,
Time with its footsteps shuffling into our lives
What where we thinking of?
We never knew what we were truly thinking of
Was it the laughter? The friendships?
Or what will we do tomorrow?
But the words stopped on the final stroke of the clock
There we saw the hands ticking and we knew-
The awful daring of our youths’ surrender.

Copyright © 10/09/2016 lance sheridan®


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