Looking for love in an October night

What would my love have me do?
Seek the sanctity of some great moon,
And like the stars in a tall sky
Walk the night in the shadows of clouds?
Wait as others do, loneliness to pawnbrokers,
Be made a fool with the hope of a kiss
From a cold face? Make my hands
Callous with a touch and cultivate a subtle
Feeling- wear out my groveling in the dust
Of emotions? But shall I turn my back
On one who proposes love? Is my conscience
Too proud to listen, shall I go leaping
Into his waiting arms, navigate his introductions,
His favors; “O but to sing, to laugh, to dream,”
To walk my own way- free, to use my voice
Where I choose, to travel any road in the stars,
To say to my soul, “Be satisfied with the flowers
And weeds of life,” I stand sheltering feelings, alone.

Copyright © 10/11/2016 lance sheridan®


2 comments on “Looking for love in an October night

  1. Devon Brock says:


    This is a wonderful. “What would my love have me do?”. All the things we do to express ourselves upon that which is unresponsive, all drawn down to the inevitable conclusion, the resignation that what you have is what you have, and what you are, you are. A great read


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