A silent light in the woods

Light in the cool of day
Having warmed the bird on wing,
The bones of trees-
Waiting for the white gown of winter,
In a white gown it rejects the Spring
Let the snow atone for its forgetfulness.
There is no life on the path
The path is forgotten, its destiny to the
The bones of branches, its burden to the

Days of silence
Worn and not whole
Leaves falling
On its memories
The single leaf
Is now buried
Its journey is now
In the soil where
All leaves travel-

Under the pine and oak scattered
Forgetting themselves
And the quiet of the woods
Turning and twisting below
Beyond the blossoms of new growth
Damp and cold;
I walked the path and felt them.

The snow folded
And sheathed its cold
It spoke no word
And departed.

Made cool the tree bark, made
Firm the path
Away the frost and wind
Through a silent light
A new birth, restoring bright
The leaves- bending their heads
In the warm wind
Hour and hour rejoicing
In the Spring of earth.

Copyright © 10/23/2016 lance sheridan®



6 comments on “A silent light in the woods

  1. A new rebirth …hour and hour rejoicing.. image depicted before me.You have such a beautiful dictionary of words.

  2. Caitlin says:

    I think of this poem every time I am in nature. Thank you for your thoughtful words.

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