A Walrus in the Wood

i could not sleep, perchance to
Walk underneath a starry moon,
And in a wood came upon a stream
Where a walrus was resting by the bank;

Startled, he stood up and chanced upon
A look- let out a boisterous laugh
It must have been my bony knees,
Certainly not my dressing gown and top hat.

So as not to offend, he pulled out a picnic
Basket and offered me some tea, was quite
The host- while nightingales sang, we sipped
And partook of scones and crumpets.

While we talked within the wood, heavy
Grew our eyes, perchance to dream of Artic
Seas, mollusks and lost loves; in the morn we
Exchanged addresses and bid each other adieu.

Copyright © 11/20/2016 lance sheridan®


5 comments on “A Walrus in the Wood

  1. Barbara says:

    Lance this is a dreamland beauty with come to life images and a voice citing a beautiful poem of an unexpected guest’s stay – love this much!!

  2. rabirius says:

    It somewhat reminds me on a picture I once created of a seal in the fields. Not the same, but at least similar.

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