Once Upon a Scream

At the
midnight hour
and not having slept
a wink
there came the sleepwalking men
leaping like sheep
And suddenly i felt
when one who came skipping
lifted my bed
Not a long hard smile
nor sound they
save for the crunching of leaves
as they walked in their
oversized feet
A frightened look crept over my
and quickly beneath the covers
i dashed
when a rather large
gripped the foot
of my bed-
a caw to arms perhaps
i was jostled and
into a nightmare was tossed
Dancing ravens and cauldrons with
burning feathers floating around
my head
i was awoken the next
when there came a tapping
a tapping
at my door…

Copyright © 11/27/2016 lance sheridan®



5 comments on “Once Upon a Scream

  1. Barbara says:

    Such fantastic humor – this reader loved the active images & the jest of the writing – I’d say, “This is a 10!”

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