Life and bits of paper

Time today and time tomorrow
All time travels through
a gate into a garden of dust
where your thoughts are
echoing quietly, quietly; the minutes
of clouds ticking, ticking
disturbing the sky.

Disturbing the dust in a drained
pool where water
once flourished, thirsty flowers
looking down for a drink
and roses quietly, quietly
and shadows of birds circling
in your mind.

Their wings echoing quietly, quietly
like air over dried leaves
and the leaves were full of
memories of your childhood-
hidden excitedly in bits of paper
Remembered in the time
before and the time after.

Remembered in a dim light,
but not daylight
The stillness mocks the darkness-
woven into the silence
Solemn like dead secrets peering
through moments in a
garden of dust, echoing quietly, quietly.

Copyright © 01/29/17 lance sheridan®


5 comments on “Life and bits of paper

  1. Barbara says:

    Lance your writes are powerful, they open the mind to thoughts one may touch on occasionally but it gets to deep to continue. This is profound and written In a voice of knowing life as it is – this is just excellent and this reader left knowing it is magnificent!

  2. I really love the way you convey emotion through these images and through the profoundness of thought and the human condition in general. This is wonderful like all your work!

  3. Powerful imagery. The crayon drawings of childhood, the birthday cards, the tests proudly displayed on refrigerator doors, the diplomas, the diary secrets, the love letters, the bills, the case files, the spreadsheets were all passing things.

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