Farm in a place, once

Compost compost piles.
Sold for a cent
Eggs to the takers
Rose for a hen.
Crop field a hindering
Push plow push plow push plow
How old is a farmer
Who is a wife.

That is the way they were.
Now without turning around
Time is and time does
A cunning
They would have like a thousand
Ten and twenty seconds.

Weeds grow nevertheless.
Resting cow
Resting bull
Next to an old frame brick
What is a size
Pause in a mortar.

Noisy wind noisy wind a coat.
Opposite it
Opposite it
A hand in earth
A finger in a porcelain cup handle.

Both next to a hurry.
Cousin to an end
Next to a farm empty
Pinned to a shirt.

Apron on a clothesline.
Cold seams
Begging to begging to begging to

Once so great so great.
Do both believe
Weigh the pieces in aged steps
Wheel turn
A little song so very very little
Place in an empty.



6 comments on “Farm in a place, once

  1. Barbara says:

    Lance I love these active images building a photo of days, years long gone, leaving only memories of the past – profound & active!! Love It!!

  2. mdcrepeaux says:

    I am working this farm as I should. So vivid, so dreamy. I am happy to discover your work.

  3. I love this, Lance. I hope all is well. i see you’re off twitter. Hope you’re okay, dear. xx

  4. You have a way of capturing the passage of time that brings the heart up into the throat.

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