Letters of an ash

I made a fire of white ash and ember
It licked and
melted the cold; grain by grain of wood
rolled up the
smoke-stack into a night as gray as
stray pack dogs-
Dully colored as old letters and licked
postage cement
Words inside of love and how tired he
was, draining through
my fingers like sand. And my eyes
straining like a
dumb fish’s eyes on a sandy shore.

So, I poked at the carbon heat in my
paisley dress-
between one feeling and another
Flakes of
envelopes bending and cringing,
splitting open
like ripped bags; dying thoughts,
blackened edges
rising choking on sooted smoke
A tear, then
a tear wilting at my feet. Blue flame
shredding a
log with a blind eye, it consoles me.

Copyright © 03/05/17 lance sheridan®


2 comments on “Letters of an ash

  1. Barbara says:

    It’s hard to believe the images in this writing, they etched photograph’s into this reader’s mind as she read and sensed various odors emitting and she could almost see the single tear hitting the floor – WOW – what fantastic writing this truly is – it’s profound & the voice actually spoke to this reader.

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