Water from a sea well

Wooden skull on a cold sea shoulder,
Rib bones waist deep in a wash
In white hair, white beard foam.
Once rowed when a sea was low, fringing
The spine of rocks and dusk deep
Tidal pools.
An old man fisherman now walks the Kingdom’s
Border, exiled to a shelter bed,
He defied questions
He defied the holy book.
Father in heaven, I gazed unhindered
Into depths of blue,
Dropped the silver thread line with bait, I breathed
The water.
Kettle of fish thickened in my sight,
Caps with white waists
Spread a tinted fin.
Knotted, caught, I kneeled in the iceboat;
Falling, falling in a trough,
Slim pointed gulls drooping behind.
Tugged the oars, shivering hands; smooth tipped blades
In cresting waves.
Careless of me to a thundersnow — crowded down
In a jostling thick, far from
A land; the cold made me slumber, a piteous state.
When time had lapsed to a sea
In a floating tide flowing stretched to a shore,
My tears plashed amidst
The billowy sand, a sadness veined in my soul.

Copyright © 12/19/17 lance sheridan®

NP Water from the sea well

5 comments on “Water from a sea well

  1. Barbara says:

    Goodness the biting images touched this readers heart, full of “real” life fading to a mere shadow of knowing life is short for what remains…nothing an eternity – gripping a heart to realize, life is short for “all” things. Excellent!!!

  2. Kipling in “Captains Courageous” has the character Manuel Fidello explain that Christ is, Himself, the best of fishermen who welcomes worthy fishermen into His boat, once their lives here are done.

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