Rear view

The smile of traffic signals annihilates me.
City lights. What does it mean?
Tongues of streets licking my wheels,
Their constant whipsawing makes me retch;
Color drains from the spot, dull whitewalls.

The sun flickers on and off as sheets of
Smog grow heavy,
My headlights like carbon paper crumpled
In a view; the rest of me crawls
Through the haze, beaten painted skin.

The sin, the sin. My engine wheezes and cries;
A snuffed life. I’m in a fright.
Weak in a crib of rust, eating in, I am no longer pure;
My body no longer infinitely chromed,
I think I am going to the yard.

In a scrapheap province, in a pit of bodies,
Where a wrecking ball flies so blindly,
Unlucky the classic born; time has beaten the
Mileage of me, the doom mark.
Dull, dull the indelible smell of rust fisted in a metal.

Copyright © 03/08/18 lance sheridan®

Rear view

6 comments on “Rear view

  1. Barbara says:

    Lance another winner – the images painted an unbelievable painting so alive and full of believable happenings taking place in daily traffic. This reader could visualize every minute descriptions coming from the mouth of the writer bringing the entire trip alive and busy. Excellent!!

  2. This made me think back w/ affection on all the used cars I’ve driven. I had one car so rusty the mechanics were afraid to bring it down off the lift. Another caught fire while my sister was driving it. A friend repaired a third w/ the spring from a ball point pen (LOL).

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