The hanging

A scared mother, her fear hauled her through the air,
Sweat in mouthfuls, sweaty hands;
The starving child cry, she stares at pictures of food
In an old magazine, glut those people page after page.

And the back rent, and the past-due bills— used for
Light when the electric is cutoff, or paper cups to
Catch rusted water dripping from a pipe for parched mouths;
Their tongues suicidal at a taste.

A vulturous boredom snapped in and out like bullets through glass,
Passes from mother to child,
Melts in a skin, loiters in a vein.
And a hard knock, a miscarriage—

Two bald white civil servants pinned her to a doorjamb,
Cuffed— a pivot of heels and dragged knees,
Slack-jawed reason, hauled off for deportation;
Driven to cringe in darkness; in shadows, something worse.

Back in a country, a hanging,
Dead, blackened hands, dead mouth;
Mother Mary in a white smock, taking stock of her
Worn shoes, her sodden clothing,

Her empty apartment, her tragedies, taking stock of
A cheated life. The flag waving crowds
And their god move like a shadeless socket—
Unhinging another unwanted immigrant.

What chance. What chance. They are made to live in
Obsolete houses, flattened to our way of life;
They resemble a dead bird falling out of a tree—
Appearing to have suffered a terror.

Copyright © 07/14/18 lance sheridan®

The hanging

13 comments on “The hanging

  1. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    WOW, Profound, powerful, magnificent images moving the heart and soul of this reader! People lost in a world of suffering and heartaches – excellent writing and at its very best!! Barb 🙂

  2. kaddietucker says:

    The world is in a sad state (but it has always been), people suffer even here in our own country. It’s heartbreaking. But—and I’ll probably get blasted for this—the U. S. cannot take in everyone.

  3. Heart-wrenching imagery.

  4. MOMENTS says:

    Heartbreaking poem with superb imagery, so deeply poignant.

  5. Powerful and deeply poignant. Brilliantly penned. A somber and dramatic work of art.

  6. Nika, so grateful for your thoughts. And for your exceptional posts.

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