Of love and suspicion

she pulled paper off of elm bark and cut out

characters with dull scissors,

pressed them into old scrapbooks with white

paste and the corner of a smile

she took pieces of a puzzle out of a cardboard

cupboard where paint chipped

and cracked dishes held onto forgotten suppers;

had a hound dog that could smell a funeral

a mile away,

scent came up through porch boards and wet


black ants come crawling out of woodwork

looking for leftovers

scraped into trash cans with dirty newspapers;

jealous boyfriend next door every time she

sat on rope and board to swing,

wearing her low cut red dress and wiping off

humid air with

a soft, wet, damp sponge,

young men cruis’n by in white walls, d.a.’s

and wolf calls

she eats it up with a silver spoon and glued

on lashes;

walks into the house moving like her hips

are on springs,

she’s running on full oxygen,

he, just trying to breathe

opens up an appliance for cold milk

and satisfaction,

a shot fired

travels through white in a glass,

travels through

a life,


she clocks out like 24 chapters in an

unfinished book,

her body, flying puzzle pieces that

scatter into blue darkness

he tucks death into his pocket, opens

cautiously a

screen door where police lights pry

into furniture and

eyes in grandparent faces hiding behind

glass walls

‘rounds exchanged,

the boyfriend keels


hits porch boards like slow nails and

a hot sun

had a hound dog that could smell a

funeral a mile away …

Copyright © 06/09/2013 lance sheridan®


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57 comments on “Of love and suspicion

  1. MOMENTS says:

    Lovely! Did you find inspiration for this poem in a movie?

  2. A beautifully written narrative!!

  3. You paint such vivid pictures with your words. Each time! Really incredible.

  4. aphrodite smiles says:

    That was unexpected! You really know how to tell a poetic story.

  5. Aphrodite, sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

  6. sherazade says:

    Molto interessante Peccato che la traduzione di Google non faccia apprezzare perfettamente il suono delle parole.


  7. JT Twissel says:

    Nicely done! I’d say it works on many levels and has a dream-like feel.

  8. rabirius says:

    Beautifully written.

  9. floweringink says:

    There is so much motion in this, so much beautiful imagery. Gorgeous Poem!

  10. Dorianna says:

    Wow! Your images are so vivid I felt like I was watching a movie when the bullets starting flying.

  11. Lona Gynt says:

    So vividly descriptive and sad. You found a stunning perfect picture to go with your dream. Better to face these things in dreams and poems, but still she felt so real to me, you marshal descriptive forces with such natural force – but I know that isn’t easy to craft. It is all so vivid, but I especially liked “walked into the house moving like her hips were on springs.”

  12. Thank you so very much- I greatly appreciate your thoughts and support of my work.

  13. In a few short lines, you’ve managed to capture hot Southern nights, a plot worthy of film noir, and the all too familiar story of obsession. Bravo!

  14. Piyali says:

    Excellent image. Very vivid. Loved the low-cut dress on the swing. I could almost see the jealous boyfriend and the young girl. And this line was so good “hound dog that could smell a funeral a mile away”

  15. You are a true talent when it comes to poetry. This is beautifully written.

  16. Nameera says:

    Another brilliant piece, you’re an exceptional writer!

  17. Wow! I was completely riveted! Thank you again Lance… love the art too 😊

  18. Devon Brock says:

    I love the clipped voice of the narrator in this poem. I also enjoy the manner in which you tell of her infidelities, never saying outright, but the images are strong enough to show her trophy hunting. This poem reminds me of an old tune by Beasts of Boubon – “Psycho” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gk7pxBGLqaM

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