Little dancer

Her thin-lipped smile fell into her breath,
Air withering soundless touching and melting
Warm and human, she traced their eyes,
Their whispering mouths;
Curtained by narrow cracks of applause,
She danced, a delicate innocence
Into another time,

Contracted by her mother, outlined in a dress,
Emptied of beauty.
Her flesh cold, drenched in leaps and pirouettes,
Stalky legs empty of complaint;
She will lose herself in the ritual of the dance,
Yet, her movements flake off,
Shingled to a floor;
Her fabulous day ended.

The grim gargoyles squatting in seats,
Flint eyes fixed on a delicate child,
In hate, to come, later,
Into her dreams.
Their menace wrapped in bleeding hearts
At a patron level,
Steadfast in a grievance; she, pale as death,
Ousted from a sleep, outcast like a dead Jesus;

Her soul drained like water out of a church hole,
Buried in slate, clean, with her face vague as a fog;
Mute as a baby.
Swaddled in white, tending, without stopping, those
Turnstiles, framed in a suburb.
Turning. Turning. Greased machines for the rich.
She weeps. Weeps for one last dance.
The thought rots, rots in the hollow of her skull.

Copyright © 08/27/18 lance sheridan®

Little dancer

33 comments on “Little dancer

  1. MOMENTS says:

    So beautiful and yet so sad and poignant.

  2. OJ's Pride says:

    Beautiful lines ✌🏾

  3. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    Oh, mercy Lance, the images explode in the mind to allow the reader to see the painting of sheer beauty but yet, sadness in the eyes of a dance – excellent is the word – profound. Barb:)

  4. Oh good grief this is superb … I always loved that statue also

  5. Dorianna says:

    Deeply moving…poignant and sad. Beautifully woven words.

  6. ortensia says:

    Sadly beautiful 😍

  7. What an incredibly rich read.
    Wrenching, beautiful, intriguing.

  8. This is beautiful! Very well written.

  9. So poignant. The little dancer Degas memorialized is once again brought to life in your poetry. ❤

  10. Beautifully Dark… it is amazing how you create such rich grim images that swallow the imagination.

  11. I found it very sad. The images were both infinitely beautiful and troublesome. But it was “The Little Dancer” as Degas depicted her. As an aside note, I have a replica of “The Little Dancer” on one of my library shelves.

  12. this is lovely Lance. Thank you for following my blog I look forward to reading yours as well. I like that your followers comment, where would we be without support ay.

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