Summer house

White boat, white boat, paper shore,
We rode, we rode the copper sea;
Below the walleye, above the baggaged clouds,
Thick salt air.
Step down, step down grownup to a child,
Slip through a keyhole in a polished door;
Hold a cork doll, hands without a wrinkle.

Barefoot, barefoot beach grass slaps your foot-soles,
Stumble down a dune to a wave,
Row in an anchored sea;
Batches of fish on a hook, fried on a wood stove,
Greasy smack of a tail on a cheek.
Rasps the fairy tale story from an aging aunt;
Sleep in a soft bed, innocent dreams.

Outside a dawn, wake up wearing an old face,
Out of breath,
O what has come over me;
And the breakwater’s ribs breaking to a knowledge,
Vanishing shore, vanishing life.
And a house made of sticks and a weeping sun.
This is what it is to be complete.

Copyright © 09/02/18 lance sheridan®

Summer house

30 comments on “Summer house

  1. “This is what it is to be complete” Yes. And this is what it is to be poetry. My end of life poem pales in comparison … but if I may, I’ll share it anyway.


    © 2018 Barbara Grace Lake

    Today one born, an ancient dies
    From birth to death a speck in time
    For those involved along its path
    Each second an infinity

    Today I leave my cane behind
    And barefoot walk upon cool grass
    Enjoying blades between my toes
    The warmth of sun upon my face

    Today in all my time on earth
    I’ll live and love and laugh and feel
    Immerse myself in joy of life
    Confound all shadows of despair

    Today I will unaided dance
    On mountains, deserts, sea and clouds
    Before me beauties never seen
    Fulfilling, filling all I am

    Today I see with clarity
    How intermingled life revolves
    From author and imagining
    From life towards eternity

  2. Truly so, isn’t it? An awesome comparison between youth and elder.

  3. “The copper sea”…this is beautiful!

  4. Singledust says:

    like a discovery of things we have kept hidden for so long, then you words bring all the feelings back again, beautiful words

  5. I love that you actually added the picture of two white boats with your poem…everything is complete and perfect 😊

  6. 3C Style says:

    Such a nice read. Beautifully written.

  7. A lovely memory preserved.

  8. Nostalgia well expressed. And the changing times as well. Memory traces which refuse to die are beautifully portrayed by the boat and shore.

  9. MOMENTS says:

    Love the flow of this poem, Lance. You are great at capturing these moments from childhood and being aware of aging and the passing of time. The frequent repetitions add strength to the verses. Excellent work!

  10. Écrirature says:

    Happy days my friend !

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