Within the house

Two nuns there were, in a stained-glass house,
One prayed, one a non-believer.
Nevertheless, nevertheless,
Candles with a crippled drip, burning the hours
As they knelt holding the Jesus beads,
Being touched by religious men with the dry tick flesh.
Holy orders from the raggy-shawled Joes,

Creeping out of caves in a cellar, drunk on
Sacramental wine. Their shadows, something else.
Dead hands looking for a virgin,
Peddling their bony frames to a couch.
Black frocks plummet to a dark address;
Lecher’s kiss. Holy water, make a nun retch.
The sin. The sin. A vice tin-white,

Like arsenic to a body. Sound of poison in a church.
Squint an eye in a sermon, bronzed lies;
Nuns grow quick with a seed, O embryo,
Even in a deep sleep, you make the sign of the cross.
Blood blooms clean in a clinic, though;
They are no more your mother, God is.
Mouths closed for a while, welded like plums.

Copyright © 09/10/18 lance sheridan®

Within the house

32 comments on “Within the house

  1. cath says:

    Loved this, so vivid, so dark.

  2. The imagery is magnificent. I can see and feel the darkness, despair, and even hatred.

  3. I love your poems Lance! They pull me in because they are so thought provoking. This poem, Within the House, had me thinking about the present Pope and his belief that priests should marry….hopefully the nuns too. Unfortunately, married or not, when humans are involved, some sort of abuse and/or exploitation will eventually happen.😢

  4. sdtp33 says:

    That is one powerful poem’

  5. When religion is the subject matter, poets tend to be more emotional; and as a result, reading becomes less interesting. However, in your hands, religion becomes an interesting subject!!

  6. Indeed, very vivid. Speaks to the truth of the situation completely.

  7. PKW says:

    Lance, I LOVE your poetry!

  8. The Catholic religion implemented ways to make both sexes suffer immensely by restricting them to express their human nature. It’s no wonder when their sexuality couldn’t be contained any longer, they felt perverse. Reading your mesmerizing words made me recall what was drilled in each of us at an all girls Catholic high school in River Forest, Il : “Your body is a temple.” Ah, but the nuns overlooked the fact that men do enter temples, don’t they?

  9. Susi Bocks says:

    It’s refreshing to read evil being exposed, poetically or in the news. Thanks, Lance!

  10. Whew! Now that requires a lot of courage, doesn’t it, to write on something so touchy. There was a real scandal in our country regarding the church. So powerful your poem.
    I think it’s only in your poems that I see new vistas of themes. You make poetry seem like an endless Ocean where you can write on practically any idea. Great.

  11. I am so very appreciative of your thoughts on my writing- thank you! You do greatly inspire!

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