The box

Who are these people in printed journals,
Agents for syllables?
Small letters examined one by one,
Put together in a square box—
It is the silence that appalls me the most!

I have put my eye to the grid of words,
Dark, dark by a poet’s hands,
Thoughts angrily clambering;
Yet, I let them out— stood back, set them free,
Everybody’s voices, smiles changing;

In need of a breastplate tucked under the arms,
Wearing of black veils after a read;
Strips of tinfoil for a smile.
I cannot run, I am rooted too deep,
If I stand still long enough, I will be untouched by animosity.

I lay my hand on a journal, it may ignore me immediately;
The pack, haunched, grinning over the bone of victory.
Yet, a stepping stone for a manuscript, for a book,
Poems into a new niche, from a black intractable mind.
I am no source for a rejection— the box is only temporary.

Copyright © 09/14/18 lance sheridan®


10 comments on “The box

  1. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    Poets want/desire to write to allow others to know their thoughts, standards of life, emotions, fears, etc., sharing it with the world allows other people to know they are not in this world alone! Great Writing at its best! Barb:)

  2. When your work is published onto a fine quality paper and binded in an expensive, soft lamb skin, leather book, your priceless words will be a treasure for all to read. Then again, your words are a treasure to read, even in the squares of a journal for those fortunate souls to read and devour 😊 Thank you Lance 📖

  3. Poetry is a strange and mysterious means of communication. The poet does not write for me, but I always read it as if he wrote for me, just for me, unless I do not understand his words, his obscure metaphors … What is not the case with you … With you, everything is clear and bright …

  4. I love the line, “If I stand still long enough, I will be untouched by animosity.” That has broad application, not only to poets. I wish you much success with the book, Lance! Commercial success does not, however, an artist make. You have achieved that high status already.

  5. Lona Gynt says:

    Let me guess… Pandora publishing? (Judging by the box being opened and stuff being unleashed on the world). Lucky for us it’s all just wonderful stuff in your box and not the pestilence etc that flew out of Pandora’s venture. Keep us posted! 🙂

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