Published twice…

night into day/goodnight till the morning sun


night into day


innumerable stars written in light
i often dream that the night is more alive
as it walks down the sky with darkness in its hand
and what I take from it I add to my days

silently, one-by-one from its twilight meadows
i cannot walk through the suburbs of solitude
without reverencing the night
for it helps to banish the logic of humanity

to them never a time yet but seemed far duller than the day
how long will the night continue to window their pain
dreams reflected in the day but not in the night
blackened illustrations nonetheless, sleeping while awake

second course, the death of reasons, ordinarily observed
in the night, insomnia, a symptom of deprivation
filled with paradoxes, they sheep flock to it with reluctance
the repose of my night, my dreams, my sleep, do not belong to it

it does not possess me, it is not my soul’s keeper
yet it does not boast of freedom
it walks down an inoffensive path removing all obstructions
in a world of my own, a good night’s sleep is the best oblivion

a new day twists the arm of the night and bades it farewell
like a weary pilgrim, it unlatches the dawn
and it chases away the darkness and the weary worn
everything takes a breath of the morning air, but not to ‘err is human’

for in the morning dew, the little things in life are awakened…

goodnight till the morning sun


walking upon white sands
imprisoned by thoughts and narrow walls
that hold no comfort within right now

walking beneath the sun
yes warm
but feel embraced by the coldness

as hands touch loneliness
down on hands and knees i go
to touch the warmth once more

but through clouds of smoke
i search for you
and the sun

oh hear my voice upon the ocean
within your dreams
till the morning sun appears

and as sunshine warms your face
open your eyes in joy
and know my thoughts are with you

but for now i am walking
walking upon white sands
imprisoned by narrow walls

thoughts hold no comfort
as I walk beneath the sun
upon white sands within a dream

as I say goodnight though
my heart belongs to you
till the morning sun.

Copyright © 03/11/2013 Ðark Roasted Ƣoetry®


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23 comments on “Published twice…

  1. Barbara Kasey Smith says:

    Oh, My, what a remarkable poem of knowing your heart and the expressions of magnificent images; Lance, again, you’ve captured a “human spirit living within!” In my opinion, the poem speaks. Barb:)

  2. ortensia says:

    You beautifully captures emotions and put them in words

  3. tara caribou says:

    Oh wow. I really love this. Beautiful imagery.

  4. Susi Bocks says:

    Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  5. You speak the language of the soul, Lance. Thank you.

  6. Taruna says:

    Your poems are like a gymnastic exercise wrangling my neurons and then like a painter the pictures come forth, some dark but laced with an uncanny grace…
    Wow your works are mesmerizing!!!

  7. Taruna, so sincerely appreciated- thank you!

  8. wow, This is so full of images and thoughts and views that I must read it many more times to fully grasp all of it. Way to go Lance!

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