Black eyes, white bandage

I am bone china white, wearing a death-mask gauze,
I am bones spindled in dark air;
Weeping stiffened in an abuse.
Pigs blunt in a beating,
My heart won’t start;
They smiled and smiled me to a numb.
My tongue is quiet as a stone,
My nerves are a glassful of dead worms.

Limbs, images, cries; trembling hands stupidly
Staring for help. I am not a smile.
The gray sky lowers, I burn a pitiful candle flame
Flickering in thin air;
Light enfolding my face like burial linen
In a still place, poured into a six foot hole,
My soul is a bride to an end;
Black hats in a graveyard, closed mouths

Red and awkward. Pallors of hands throwing
Dirt in my face; I am in a long coffin of tar colored oak;
And the priest with a wormy smile,
Gray suited and still.
For a minute the sky pours into my grave,
I swallow it like a lozenge of hope.
But there is no hope, only the crude earth
Breathing like an old dreg, taking me for its wife.

Copyright © 10/06/18 lance sheridan®

Black eyes, white bandage

52 comments on “Black eyes, white bandage

  1. gary j says:

    Dear Sir, I like you. you are very good at being a poet and I am good at being old fool.

  2. Whippoorwill says:

    I enjoyed this very much indeed, Lance.

  3. Taruna says:

    I love how almost anything can be your inspiration and then you write with full embodiment of your subject….

  4. Morbid. And strangely the morbidity has a certain life to it. One of the best dark poems I’ve read.

  5. This is a wonderful piece of writing. Bravo.

  6. An eerie foretaste of death.

  7. Silent Hour says:

    The best thing I read tonight.

  8. Gina says:

    red and awkward….that was stunning poetry

  9. ortensia says:

    So different from last one,I’m always impressed by how versatile your poetry can be.Powerful😍

  10. Thank you Silent Hour!

  11. sbailey says:

    Wow! This is wonderful! 🙂

  12. Thank you! I greatly enjoy reading your exceptional pennings!

  13. ssfrerking says:

    I just read this poem and found it perfectly fitting for this cold, gray, rainy Nebraska afternoon. Great job, as usual.

  14. tara caribou says:

    Wow. This is darkly marvelous. I read it several times and was quite moved. Excellent work, Lance.

  15. Lona Gynt says:

    I have been thinking about this a lot for days. I love this poem. It is a brutal truth, we are all wed to the pull of entropy, this zactly how I had been feeling lately. I have had a recent grace though, nudging me from bride to merely coy handmaiden with earth. A name revived me. Lance your poetry is like your name, Sharp and pointed to pierce the pressure and the abscesses, allowing catharsis and flow for healing, the beauty of creation includes all of it, even the worms as well as the smiles. Thank you for your art.

  16. Mary Mangee says:

    Hauntingly excellent writing.

  17. MOMENTS says:

    Beautifully dark and poignant.

  18. Sara Wright says:

    A powerful piece of writing!

  19. Robert Norbury says:

    Being a poet and a photographer must be fantastic. I have tried collaborating with poets and it never works. I love this piece.

  20. Fall Fraust says:

    This is haunting and lovely, each line a dark sweet to savor. A real pleasure to read.

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