at the crimson tree of the earth clouds

water vapor dripping
from crimson
moisture into
my skin,
i touch the nakedness
of the bare
the wind blows

on a red walkway path
on mounded
hill, you walked
upon into
my dark hazels, i
saw you where
change color
in autumn
and fall
into me;

as the redness
of leaf stretches out
for light
shaped by moving
sky shapes,
i seek
your infinity
to unfasten
your smile

you are the
of dawn,
early morning
sugar maple dripping
into my
you are the breath
that verses
my thoughts, my soul
is wet;

white bee
collects the nectar
of your being,
I sip the
of your breast
to my
the sweet liquid
of your kiss,
i am yours.

Copyright © 09/01/2013 lance sheridan®

at the crimson tree of the earth clouds

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43 comments on “at the crimson tree of the earth clouds

  1. sriharshinee says:

    Very nice 😊👌❤✨

  2. MOMENTS says:

    Wow, I love this one, Lance! Very sensual and erotic. Wish I had your talent. Strangely enough, this autumn poem slightly reminds me of what I wrote and posted last spring:

  3. Lance, you are an artist with your words. Captivating. You are able to take us with you sitting on your shoulder possibly. Presuming we are but two inches high :). That was a lovely poem and you have put a smile on my face.

  4. tara caribou says:

    Lance. Wow this is spellbinding. Utterly marvelous. I, to put it simply, adore this.

  5. Wow! Mother nature is going to feel pleased, with the femininity of the tree brought to this height. Lovely idea and lovely poem.

  6. Mary Mangee says:

    Lance, you never disappoint. I don’t think I have ever appreciated poetry so much. Thank you for sharing.

  7. great. just the flow of the language, of the words, (music!) thrills me, and what they say, of course. you really are a word-artist!

  8. nesha says:

    thank you for the follow on #moe404, i really appreciate it!

  9. That was exquisite! tyvm

  10. Lona Gynt says:

    I think I have known that same tree. 😉

    Anyway, Lance, this is such a richly living and wonderful big chunk of sweet life. Oh my. One must be willing to fall into the world and the heart and the flesh of life. Thank you for this, and… if you are so inclined… would you like to come play with us at dVerse now and again. Tonight is Open Link Night, it is fun… and they all need to be reading you. I have learned so much from you. Anyway, no pressure, just fun. If you want here is the link, and if you would rather not, well that is ok too, I know where to find you. Thank you friend.

  11. Sincerely appreciated, Lona. Thank you!

  12. Susi Bocks says:

    Oh my goodness, what an utterance of love! Beautiful! 🙂

  13. almerighi says:

    thank you, very nice poem

  14. Intoxicating! Well done.

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