Through the popcorn and lollipops
I walk (and still walk there—
Out of summer sun’s bruising);
The boardwalk hot as a tin roof,
Bathers fever dry in an ardent blazing.

And so, talking to myself, in
Cotton-candy air, children nip and tuck
For a ride on a carousel.
Slow flocks the wooden animals,
Deflecting the heat’s dazzle

As if in barnyard straw stables.
I can smell the manure
At my feet, exhibiting its methane gas,
Peels off a nose; death-stench on the march,
Dark green on a day’s cruising.

And so, the tiny tots climb onto the saddles,
Grinning from ear to ear with bloated smiles.
Parents coffined in seersucker suits
And paisley dresses; straw hats and mad caps
Sipping the brisk, summer wind.

Horses galloping on chromium poles, hooves
Chewing the breeze; children in a dazzle.
I remember the year, it was bright for a looking;
I drank it in like honey air. I walked until it all disappeared.
Only white ghosts of rides remain,

Shaping themselves in the sea mist.
Voices of children like gilded harps; I sweep
Their sounds into a jar. The sun hoists my soul up
After my eyes have shed a tear. It wills all
To a memory— rises in my heart like a child’s balloon.

Copyright © 10/18/18 lance sheridan®


47 comments on “Carousel

  1. 🌟 IshtarInL💖ve says:

    Well done 🎈

  2. Taruna says:

    Ahhh so very memorable with your words bringing it all back to life .. the carousel was my favorite ride and my dad the hero as he would hoist me up!!
    Thank you, Lance!

  3. almerighi says:

    very, very gorgeous!

  4. I absolutely love this one. I remember so vividly recall carousel rides when I was a child. Yes, they are all committed to memory … where it forever remains. Thank you for this.

  5. You’re very welcome, Flavio.

  6. A sweet memory, yet such a dark undertone.

  7. jussaraluna says:

    Hello Lancesheridan. Só beautiful post!

  8. I’ve only had the pleasure of witnessing carousels on tv as they weren’t included in our “fair” but yeah, it would have been a delight for sure.

  9. “And still walk there.” What a wonderful line.

  10. ortensia says:

    So colorful….a scene brought to life by words😍

  11. Ortensia, my pleasure. Thank you- you as well!

  12. Brings back memories… Lovely.

  13. I love your poems. You’re very talented at writing poems! Blessings

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