The grin of the dog

Grub-white mongrels fleshed with idiot thoughts,
They stray in white city alleys:
Jealously can cause a blood,
Cast a white shadow in their dying;
Rubbish cans banging in and out,
Blind cat in an iron lung
Squirming like a toad.

The park is fleshed with muggers,
Knives in and out:
Black rose petals on the dying,
Blood squirming through the snow;
Victims think they hear the voice of God
Condoning the pack dogs;
A body of whiteness waiting to be carried home.

A police car squirms through a white snow rain,
Figures of ivory- men in blue:
Bang! Bang! Into a non-white crowd,
German Shepard dogs like the mongrels
Like the crowd; pennies tossed into eye sockets,
Bodies tossed into the river like a Jordan cross;
Holy men worm their way into ecclesiastical niches.

How destructive this is:
The dumb, banded metro dwellers
Walk the city plank draped in white Mother Mary
Upholstery into asbestos receptacles,
Bang! Bang! They would have killed me.
The rot of whiteness is there;
Prejudice, it is the complexion of the mind.

Copyright © 11/09/18 lance sheridan®

The grin of dogs

10 comments on “The grin of the dog

  1. Na Mirea says:

    Very powerful imagery.

  2. Renee Espriu says:

    A complex and deeply perceptive poem.

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