Love as one

Love always meets, not here, but only
in an impossible world;
a multitude of feelings: warm as the sun
on a tin roof;
long as sails touching a summer sky.

Walking beside bright pieces of a stream
creating memories;
hopes so high, they are comfortable:
flowers for a remedy;
stars ticking out a lullaby.

Kiss in a dubious doorway as leaves applaud,
swallow your pride as dawn swallows the morn,
go fishing for a tilting fish in a rare river:
laugh and cry as you lavish your blessings;
jump in the surf and touch a moonbeam.

Read a mystery together by candlelight,
hold hands on a sandy beach:
skip stones to make a lake wink,
skate on it in winter when it is a frozen rink;
watch a thousand sunsets, then another.

Grow old together while the footlights flare,
be dreamers in an illusionary world:
get drenched in a sweet summer rain,
embark on a day trip, a world trip;
And always, always say, I love you.

Copyright © 11/11/18 lance sheridan®

Love as one

104 comments on “Love as one

  1. aruna3 says:

    Yeah.true n spiritual love.🌹🌹🌹🌹

  2. This is so misguidingly realistic and beautiful!! 🙂

  3. noir622224124 says:

    it’s an absolutely enormous feeling…..i don’t know how to talk about it but in silence i know how it feels :)))

  4. Nahid Khan says:

    Absolutely enchanting.
    Reminded me of Rumi.
    “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere
    They are in each other all along.”

  5. Anny says:

    and always, I always say, I love” like it was not wind or rain, like a sun sown high above
    a nest of dreams

  6. Gorgeous imagery, Lance. “skip stones to make a lake wink,” I read that line alone 5 times. And then “Grow old together while the footlights flare” Of course, our lives are part of a universal drama. Our part in it when we find love is to nurture it, grow with it, grow old in it. Your entire poem is a beautiful statement and outpouring of love. Thank you.

  7. Bri with the thoughts says:


  8. delphini510 says:

    Lance, this is such a beautiful poem. Through your strong and wonderful imagery you managed
    to make us feel a lifetime of love in varying perspectives. Always strong and comforting, always there.


  9. Truly lovely. Really really enjoyed this!

  10. This was quite lovely. If only…. The best line however, was “only in an impossible world”. For those uniquely special people who do get to grow old together I imagine it’s a wondrous thing. Perhaps in my next lifetime. After a couple of marriages I’m happy to be in love with life and cuddle up with my cat named Mr. Darcy. He and I will be “dreamers in an illusionary world.” 😻

    • Lesley, so eloquent you are. You have a wonderful gift for weaving a part of your life and my poetry together. Yes, if only. And, what a marvelous name for your cat!

      • Well, for me Poetry is such a personal art form. It begs us to open up and reveal our soul. So, yes, when I read a well written piece I am able to submerse myself in it, like wrapping a warm blanket around my shoulders. I become one with the piece. So yes, the images I receive when I read your poems intertwine with my very being. That is what separates an excellent poem from an average one. Your work speaks to me that way.

      • We all have our own unique way of expressing ourselves- each an individualistic art form. If we’re fortunate enough to touch the lives of others, then it’s a great accomplishment. Thank you, Lesley, for your unique way of expressing yourself!

      • Right back at you, my friend.

  11. The togetherness of two lovers is beautifully expressed here. Touches a chord in the heart.

  12. Beautiful! ❤️🦋🌀

  13. Lona Gynt says:

    Lance, this poem is verdant and beautiful, and painfully tender and ironic with love meeting “not here, but in an impossible world.” This paces out the wonderful steps we all long for in our love, magical, other worldly, physics defying imperatives. It is left to the reader to feel the tilt of affirmation that occurs when the magic actually happens and continues, or alternatively to feel the tenderness of the impossibility of attainment. A clever and compassionate litany, that so deeply wants it all to be true. Thank you My friend, so well done.

    • Thank you so sincerely, Lona. What a vivid capture of the meaning of my poem. What a delight it is to read your work which flows majestically into all that you write (or review). Brilliant, my friend! And, it is my pleasure.

  14. This is such a beautiful poem!

  15. almerighi says:

    wow Lance! Great poem!

  16. Your poem is beautiful, Lance, just like true love.

  17. oldpoet56 says:

    Very nice work, I am going to reblog this for you.

  18. ortensia says:

    Slowly catching up.Is always a pleasure browsing around your posts 😍

  19. become1one says:

    “Impossible” does not exist. It is a mere figment, driven by an ’emotion’ from the past, a “time” which no longer exists. Love is Infinite, Love is Our creator….Love is selfless.
    Love Creates a Perfect world, where there is love, There is only Love.
    have a beautiful journey

  20. Each word flow so beautifully! I think you just wrote everyone’s dream of love or mine! Thanks!

  21. flissie says:

    A wonder-full poem. Full of delightful imagery and poignancy

  22. mimi says:

    I always tought it brings us in another world…maybe an impossible world, as you say.
    Very beautiful and stunning scenes!
    I hope you understand my language as I do with yours (translating poems is not easy), thank you!

  23. almerighi says:

    L’amore incontra sempre, non qui, ma solo
    in un mondo impossibile;
    una moltitudine di sentimenti: caldo come il sole
    su un tetto di lamiera;
    a lungo come le vele che toccano un cielo estivo.

    Camminando accanto a pezzi luminosi di un ruscello che
    creano ricordi;
    speranze così alte, sono confortevoli: i
    fiori per un rimedio;
    stelle che ticchettano una ninna nanna.

    Baciati in una dubbia porta come le foglie applaudono,
    ingoia il tuo orgoglio mentre l’alba inghiotte il mattino,
    vai a pescare un pesce che si inclina in un raro fiume:
    ridi e piangi mentre profondi le tue benedizioni;
    salta nel surf e tocca un raggio di luna.

    Leggi un mistero insieme a lume di candela,
    tieni le mani su una spiaggia sabbiosa:
    salta le pietre per fare l’occhiolino al lago,
    pattina su di esso in inverno quando è una pista ghiacciata;
    guardare un migliaio di tramonti, poi un altro.

    Invecchiare insieme mentre le luci della ribalta brillano,
    sii sognatori in un mondo illusorio:
    immergiti in una dolce pioggia estiva,
    intraprendi una gita di un giorno, un viaggio nel mondo;
    E sempre, dico sempre, ti amo.

    Copyright © 11/11/18 lance sheridan®

  24. Equipping says:

    Thanks for following my blog, and for your likes of my posts; you are very kind.

  25. David's Blog says:

    Great poem. Wow, what a following you have here Lance. And thank you for dropping by and the ‘like’ on my latest post!

  26. The Cat says:

    You paint such a nice picture with words and thanks for following my blog, I hope it makes you smile.

    As soon as I saw that you were kindly following my blog and being a nice well mannered Cat I raced over to yours and followed you, well when I say ‘raced’ I got up meaning to race over to your blog but had to pass by the open fire, it was blazing away and as usual watching the flames ripple and dance made me sleepy.

    Several hours later, after a plate of leftover chicken that someone had graciously left out on the kitchen worksurface next to the fridge, I raced to the computer to read you blog.

    I always find it a little strange that people leave plates of leftover food next to the fridge don’t you?


    The Cat

    • You have my most sincere gratitude and appreciation! What a wonderful comment- I’m very honored! You paint such a vivid picture! Yes, quite strange. I find your blog to be quite marvelous. Am enjoying it immensely!

  27. RM Weldon says:

    This is so beautifully illustrated.

  28. Beautiful skip stones and make a lake win

  29. Paula Perron says:

    Had the opportunity to read your prose about love and it touched my heart. Well written, by someone who knows what it is to share a love and be loved by another.. Paula Perron

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