The little odyssey

It beguiles-
This little odyssey
With Walrus in brown and ivory
Walking by a shining sea
In the middle of the night,
With billowing waves
And sulky moon;
Bear up the Carpenter
Screaming, screaming,
In his apron armor:

Such quantities of terrapins
Ferried from a fishpond,
With fanged and dreadful heads.
Beware, beware,
Their shells are polished for a joust,
They gleam like easter eggshells;
Said the Walrus fulfilling a boast:
Bring forth each goblin head,
One thrust, one thrust,
One thrust of my tusks

And they are sped;
So a fable goes.
And so the Walrus sings
In his bathtub deep;
But oh, the Carpenter knows
The Sea-Dragon with its fangs
Hazardous and long,
Will uprear from the ocean floor,
Beware, beware,
Of fins and scales
Polished for a meal,

One bite, one bite
One bite of a Walrus
And its belly will be fed;
And all the Oysters scurried up
Eager for a treat,
And thick and fast
The Sea-Beast came at last;
The time has come, said the Walrus
To beat a hasty retreat, feed him
A loaf of bread instead with butter rather thick!

Copyright © 11/13/18 lance sheridan®

The little odyssey

26 comments on “The little odyssey

  1. Love this! I think Lewis Carroll would approve. Brilliant!

  2. ssfrerking says:

    Ha! The Carroll poem always made me sad. Great take!

  3. A wonderful new look at one of my favorite poems as a child. I always thought that it was such a great metaphor for human hypocrisy: Especially this verse: “I weep for you,” the Walrus said:
    “I deeply sympathize.”
    With sobs and tears he sorted out
    Those of the largest size,
    Holding his pocket-handkerchief
    Before his streaming eyes.” but yours ends with a “turn of a worm” and Justice is served at last!

  4. Anny says:

    urgent, holding his breath to the closed that pacifica .Piaciuta this puccola odyssey 🙂

  5. Renee Espriu says:

    I absolutely love Alice and I am sure she would approve and relish the idea of jumping into this poem.

  6. Marvelous fantasy! I love it.

  7. Unlike your other readers, I was not familiar with the Lewis Carroll poem, but am now, and also with your imaginative variation on the theme. Thank you, Lance, I learned something new today.

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