In a plaster sea- published…

I feel the bottom with an anchor root:
It is what I fear
I listen for its shadows echoing
In stucco waves
White person that I am
Hated like a dead body
With yellow bones.

I am drowning, scared, rowing in a blue boat
Pacifist with a head of stone,
Unbreakable, but with complaints:
I will never warm up in a sea tin white,
Arsenic sunset, poisoned horizon,
Scorches my hands, burns them barren;
Flakes into pieces to feed buckets of fish.

I have become more absent-minded
More offish: criticizing them, criticizing me;
Secretly I am becoming a half-corpse
With a pargeting face, hardened into a row,
Coffined to a plaster sea
Waves carbon paper black, loitering tombs
Stalk me in a dream,

Nightlong, in a granite yard
Cliffed above the shoals:
Howling wind creeping up on me, vapors
Into my skin like a disease;
And everywhere people riding into church
Perishing one by one,
They will never miss me.

Copyright © 12/04/18 lance sheridan®

In a plaster sea- tb pub. in Spillwords 12-03

43 comments on “In a plaster sea- published…

  1. Hi Lance! I read this a few of your other works. You certainly have a honed craft. Your style is complex with lots of imagery. It is enjoyable to read. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Ugh… More typos… “I read this and a few of…”

  3. Gentilino says:

    A very beautiful poem!

  4. sebby holmes says:

    Fantastic. Very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  5. arlingwoman says:

    This strikes me as very dark, the reflections of something changeless under assault by change. Whew. VERy visual, and I like that — is it a watercolor?– you have placed with it.

  6. tara caribou says:

    This is wonderful Lance

  7. aruna3 says:

    Oh my God!!so much horrible emotions in your do you imagine about are brave writer my dear!!😨

  8. MOMENTS says:

    Beautifully dark and poignant, Lance. You are great at describing horror with gorgeous imagery appealing to all senses.

  9. 3C Style says:

    Well done Lance. Beautiful as always, but this poem has a little “Je ne sais quoi” that speaks to me even more.

  10. Who cares if someone misses us or not you are you and god will bless u

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