And the river emptied and silver stream awoke

In a thirtieth moment water knelt to pray,
wringing hands beckoned rain
from a dwindling cloud,
lingering voice dry and brown;

Once, it walked through the cobbled
sleeping tufts of grass,
wading smoothly lingering in the sawdust dawn;

A drought between the essence and the shadow-
pieces of the river in the cellar earth
turning to dust;
the sage in the hedgerow hill listening
for the water rush;

A voice half heard but heard in the stillness,
trickling morning
silver stream, swallowing earth
sprawling soil,
spilling in the footprint river- licking field;
flowing water and the sandy road.

Copyright © 07/31/2016 lance sheridan®

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35 comments on “And the river emptied and silver stream awoke

  1. Beautiful and evocative!

  2. arlingwoman says:

    I love that line about the sage in the hedgerow hill listening. This seemed such a Western landscape poem (on one level) that I looked at your About tab to see your location. Goodness, I’m in Springfield several times a year and grew up in auburn, just south of there. My father worked for the Journal Register when it still had proofreaders and printers.

  3. RoseMarie says:

    Beautifully haunting!

  4. Your imagery is breathtaking, Lance.

  5. Your words bring picturesque visions beuatifully painted with your words.

  6. sherazade says:

    pennellate come colori le tue parole completano l ‘insieme.


  7. Lance, sometimes your poetry is evocative, sometimes angry, sometimes loving, but never does it disappoint. Your imagery seems almost beyond human capacity. When I read “trickling morning silver stream” I could see that dead river coming to life again. I’ve said it before and I continue in the belief that you are the consummate poet.

    • I’m very honored by your thoughtfulness, Barbara. Your feedback and marvelous support of my work clearly shows me your dedication to writing, which is exemplary. Thank you sincerely.

  8. […] time I  read one of his wonderful poems. Check out two of his more recent ones: Chances  and And the river emptied and silver stream awoke  . The latter poem creates a world in which “water knelt to pray…” How does one […]

  9. So poignant and touching. How beautifully you’ve expressed the interconnection among the elements of the earth. This is easily one of my favourite poems.

  10. Carly says:

    What beautiful reflections. I love how you paint a picture as we walk through each scene with you! 🙂

  11. As a beginning, yet passionate poet, I hereby book in advance your hand-writing throughout 2019. Deal.

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