The hitchhiker

Will it occur
In one of these torsos of metal and glass,
Winged fins and eye-sockets for lamps.

Awaiting hitchhiker

Guileful and crass;

Invisible air drifts to give him an expression,

Thumb motioning for a distance,
Thumb up towards the night.
An old moon taking up space
Scooting to rest behind an ominous cloud;
Dark planet moving and rubbing on the light.

Hood ornament nosing for a stop:
Rubber mats, whitewalls;
Traveling person,
How will your night play out in thin air?
A heart loses itself, emptied into a wish.

A smile fell on the pavement,
Sat empty, unredeemed;
Your gesture flaked off in a shriek.

Spirals of hot bullets traveling

By the shooter’s annihilation,
Such coldness;
Globes of red spilling from a vein.

Small breath, smell of death.
Red earth and wooden coffin;
Their flesh and the glory forever.

Copyright © 12/11/2018 lance sheridan®

The hitchhiker

40 comments on “The hitchhiker

  1. Wonderful, with a taste of Noir! Love this.

  2. Mindsplint says:

    I can’t translate everything but it sounds very exciting …. 🙂

  3. Very thought provoking a hiker traveling at night being caught up in the crossfire of life with traumatic ending. The risk of hitchhiking.

  4. I love this. Beautiful and creepy. I won’t be hitchhiking any time soon.

  5. Very nice. I like the dark imagery here!

  6. Liked the threatening imagery – it has the redolence of Tom Waits.

  7. calmkate says:

    well written and thought provoking!

  8. ortensia says:

    A darkly enchanting piece ….

  9. i love this. flows beautifully.

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