Chicago blues

Every fiber of wind made the rain more vivid,
And it did not matter where it lay wet
In a paler set of colors, quieter on a pavement,
Mute, twitching so, unbothered, staying put
According to habit; hoping so to be skyward again
In a blueness, in a sun dawn awakening,
Pure as a pane of ice stiff in a glass, sumped in a swallow.

The other sober part of me read like a funny paper
On a Sunday morning. The sawdust saloon floor was
In a hard condition. Patrons eyes were cloudy and grey
With hollow, meaningless stares. Mouths were crooked
Taking pleasure from a nicotine drag; noses, a dusky red.
Words were slurred and dirty, canopied and wasted;
I was already beaten with an emptiness, so no remorse.

Far off, the banshee cry of an ambulance, desperate
For a hospital- white and pure with the dregs, the failures,
The aberrations; numbness brought to them with
Bright needles. The peacefulness is so big, it dazes them;
And their sudden tongues with no color. And a flat-line like
A paper shadow. Wrenched from a life and rosary beads.
They sleep the big sleep, not caring how they died.

When I got home I mixed a tall cool one, slumped myself
Into an old leather chair like a bent finger and listened to
The city pour itself into my apartment- the homeless
Begging blankly as a wall; thugs vigorous with a gun;
The sick bored with a disease. I managed to fall asleep
Despite the effort of a neon light flickering on and off as if
Were anemic. The night is never for very long completely silent.

Copyright © 12/13/2018 lance sheridan®


Chicago blues

39 comments on “Chicago blues

  1. Sue Young says:

    I love this. Evocative and intense. Great post. Thanks.

  2. The wind and rain are so picturesque they compliment each other in their artistic display. I find the ambulance siren very grating and yes it is like a banshee. The city is invasive and never seem to sleep. Death is an unknown visitor.

  3. dourdan says:

    definitely reminds me of Chicago. My husband has family there so we’ve only ever visited during December when it’s absolutely terrifying. (for a Cali girl, anyway…)

  4. This is so bleak, I feel compelled to put in a good word for Chicago, Lance. It does have other, brighter aspects. But as far as capturing its dark sides, your words do so poignantly and eloquently.

  5. Love this! I applaud you for the beautifully written and intriguing words.

  6. Mary Mangee says:

    The entire time I was reading this, images were being conjured up in my mind by your words. You have a very powerful gift Lance.

  7. I grew up in Houston. The despair of the darker side of metropolis is something I’ve known. You nailed it.

  8. Great piece Lance, as always you write fantastic! thanks.

  9. You are an artist, Lance.

  10. nonny dee says:

    Reblogged this on Absolutely.

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