Soliloquy of the earthen woman

Of clay and earth
All alone;
Walk the soil street
My eyes closed,
Dreaming under a dense lid cloud,
Leafing through volumes of poetry: free
From all bullying. The rough boys,
Fit nowhere in my sleep,
Like unwanted pages on a bookshelf.

Under the moon’s onion shape
Am unaware of how
The marionettes dangle,
Expressionless and getting drunk,
Soon will seize a prize
Will take me hostage and waken my nerves;
Blenched, as one shaped into a
Death mood.
Crypted into a drear headstone.

No place it seemed
To laugh, kiss, seize a living,
The simulacrum of a breath too tough
For an ending;
To forbid a sullen ash heap fitting into
A thick foliage of hate.
Yet, despite my tears, my praying,
A rendering evil in a blink;
My mood like an unforbidden flower.

No longer claiming a feeling,
In my flesh the sling of arrows
Quite clear.
Maltreated my body, outrageous blood,
Collapsing into a dwindle;
Glowering over me,
My mouth silted with flowers
In a shocking wise.
All my beauty, my wit, descant for a pyre.

Copyright © 04/01/18 lance sheridan®

Soliloquy of the earthen woman

61 comments on “Soliloquy of the earthen woman

  1. gelu gelu says:

    Seara minunata!

  2. “mouth silted with flowers”….so beautiful!

  3. “my mouth silted with flowers”
    Freaking gorgeous!!

  4. allenrizzi says:

    I enjoyed this Lance. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  5. Alidada says:

    Beautiful poetry…I like. Happy New Year

  6. Very beautiful Lance! thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy new year my friend. Wishing a year filled with joy, success and happiness.

  7. Well done, my friend. Blessings!!

  8. You have such a strong connection to the natural world!

  9. Amazing words. It is like a spirit hovering around their recently deceased corpse, reminiscent of their tragic fate. The flowers placed in or at their mouth. Watching life that once was and not fully aware they are no longer here.

  10. Superb! You paint amazing pictures with your words.

  11. Ravisingh says:


  12. Ravisingh says:

    I am honered sir!

  13. Beautiful, beautiful. ❤️🦋🌀

  14. Ankur Mithal says:

    descant, simulacrum…wonderful words you have used. I had to look up descant. One school of thought says only easy to understand words should be used in writing. I disagree. Using lesser known words with a specific meaning, using complex sentence structures are all part of the beauty of the language. All of which you have employed.

  15. Markgtr says:

    Incredibly descriptive and thought-provoking!

  16. Brilliant and beautifully penned! ❤

  17. mylilplace says:

    Wow…this one really got me. Dark and yet so beautiful and I can’t stop reading!

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