BTT #40: Four Poets You Gotta Read.

Scattered thoughts made a little more random

Hey Y’all.  Thirty years ago I was listening to a poet being interviewed on the radio.  Apparently such things happened back then and sometimes still might.  I don’t remember who he was, I was busy driving on a busy Omaha winter road at the time.  He read a poem of his that had something to do with urinating outside on a winter’s night underneath the clear light of the Pleiades.  I don’t remember the name of the poem. If by some miracle this rings a bell with someone and they can help me with this reference, I would be a happy girl indeed.  I do remember that he said that poetry is the art of getting from this shit to stars as efficiently as possible.  It is a dizzying prospect to travel together with the poet in the starlight or the dark night.  When a fine poem pulls me in…

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13 comments on “BTT #40: Four Poets You Gotta Read.

  1. crazywitch25 says:

    I don’t know of that one. I know there was a weird one in a literary magazine that was about crack and Britney Spears. It worked. People are sure creative. My strong points are short stories. I’m working on getting better at writing novels. I suffer from a condition where I can’t comprehend the sound of words, so I’m not sensitive. I’ve received awards for poetry, but it was word salad. Do you write anything but poems? I think poetry is the hardest to write. There’s a lot of garbage out there.

  2. With the interpretation it makes it easier and better to understand and appreciate. Thanks. Now the poem is seen in a different light.

  3. Yeah
    Indeed acts as a rocket to the stars
    To a new realm

  4. stolzyblog says:

    sounds like something I’ve done more than once in quiet places at night — but I cannot remember such a poem 🙂

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