A fish story

I am a sturgeon and exact. I have no preconceptions.
Whatever I see I swallow immediately
Smaller fish, fishhook, just as it is by taste or dislike.
I am slippery and wet- I am only being truthful;
Black-eyed, four seas cornered, I generally meditate.
My scales are slate grey, no wait, olive brown,
And did I tell you, they flicker in light and reflect it carefully;
I like to hide in shadows of waves when trawlers appear,
Searching my reaches for caviar- pickled roe on a silver plate;
I much rather be swimming in a lake with an alligator gar,
With bits of my caudal fin snug in its mouth- wait, what a terrible fish;
Its long snout with razor sharp teeth, I would rather be drowned!


A fish story

57 comments on “A fish story

  1. And such a personality this sturgeon! Do I detect the touch of a subtle sense of humor?:)

  2. crazywitch25 says:

    I like lumpfish, cheap wine from a box and turkey bacon. You have far more class than I do. My dad sends me caviar ever so often. He can’t accept that I’m trashy. I eat the entire jar without crackers. Then get a bit sick. Have you had lumpfish?

  3. weedjee says:

    Wow a nice entry, a lovely sturgeon and long life and hats off to you

  4. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    This is really good to read. 😃

  5. Very amusing poem, on the thoughts of a Sturgeon, I have tasted caviar but not Sturgeon. He has so many choices of how to end his story.

  6. “whatever I see I swallow..” that line, don’t know why feel like I have written too in my poem.
    A great piece.

  7. beatrice841129783 says:

    Bonsoir Lances c’est original vraiment j’ai apprécié cette lecture et maître esturgeon peu que s’en trouver ravi lol
    Douce soirée bises ! amicalement

  8. lampmagician says:

    Sincerely Thank You back dear Friend, “I would rather be dawned” 😊

  9. A very very beautiful poem! Thank you!

  10. Beautiful and deeply sensitive. Thanks a lot Lance

  11. allenrizzi says:

    I enjoyed it although at first it smelled a little fishy. 😉

  12. A delightful read! Blessings, my friend!✨

  13. floatinggold says:

    What a humorous realization, Fish.
    Well done.

  14. What a delightful whimsical piece, Lance. I love it.

  15. Chiru says:

    So sensitive poem..

  16. I can really relate to this fish 🙂 I enjoyed this so much.

  17. ortensia says:

    And now that I concluded my lancesheridan evening catch up I can go to bed.
    Never stop writing Lance, you never fail your readers😀😍

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