The dream digger

A window traces the night where a sleeper lies.
The air is winnowed by a stranger, he has come
To a barren field by the sea, scathed by winter,
Stained by the tedious pilgrimage of snow.

Barefoot, he stands, in a narrow crack of light
Sloped seaward to a cliff plunge, fed upon by whitecaps;
Odors of frozen earth arise, burnished by ice-
The dead snails leave a silver track.

High against the moon shadows, gull wings bend muted
Over tidal-flats where the ghost of a child played
Silent and cold, old memories bedded in mud;
Her youthful days ended, rusting like a scythe.

Shovel squatting grim as a sea witch at coffin’s border
In wait amid snarled wind and crack of wave
To trap the wayward stiff at a move of temper and disdain,
Now with flint eyes he digs deeper, fixed upon a dream.

Plucked from a deep sleep, curtained with graying lace,
A milky mist of bone and skin into a worm bottle-
Forbidden thoughts like weedy mussels pocked white,
Frigidly stiff on a windowsill, garbage of dust.

Copyright © 02/15/2019 lance sheridan®

The dream diggers

64 comments on “The dream digger

  1. francisashis says:

    Wow…stupendous writing.

  2. crazywitch25 says:

    Interesting. It went over my head a bit. Does it mean that the woman wasted her life on an obscene dream and the guy is digging her grave, looking at her dream? She is denied her dreams and ages, as they are gross and forbidden things like worms. Again, he’s shunning her dreams and going to dig the woman’s grave? I mean no offense. Poetry is not my forte…

    • Thank you. The mother is asleep; the father has come to dig up the grave of their daughter, to get her dream, puts it in a bottle on the wife’s windowsill. I very much appreciate your feedback!

  3. Nice poem. The mood of nature as death steals yet another of her children is marvelously written here. And the man trying to recapture at least the dreams is really moving.

  4. Beautiful poem the sadness shows through and the choice of winter to retrieve the remains of the young child which haunts the beach and the sleeper is haunted too. Taken from their lives too early through a careless step on the cliff edge sent her plunging to the sea below. Your decriptive frozen words relate to the parents who are frozen inside without their daughter. The digger does not feel the coldness on his feet just one thought to retrieve their child who was buried there and bring her home once again.

  5. Oh my goodness Lance, I love to get lost in your imagery of your words and thoughts. Sad, sensitive and beautiful.

  6. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    How perfectly written✍🏻

  7. Wowww!! A lot of “new” terms in English (for us) to learn here, Lance! As a teacher of high-voltage Anglo-Saxon lyric… you are a total luxury, brother!

  8. Wow! Powerful, Lance. The ghost of the child who played in the sand seems melded into the old woman. And the worm bottle, garbage of the dust I can only imagine as the cause of the sadness I see in this poem. Yes. It’s a legacy that drives us, does it not.

  9. Au contraire, my friend. It is you who inspire me. With each work, because of your excellence, I try to be a better poet. Thank you.

  10. Some great gothic touches with a hint of transcendence … maybe?

  11. Beautiful. I got the emotions and gist of it by myself. But in the comment section I realized what the poem was about. How communicated to them while eluding me is a mystery. To read your verses one needs paraphrase or mastery that I hopefully will gain.

  12. your poetry is very deep and meaningful you are really gifted

  13. MOMENTS says:

    An exquisite piece, Lance. Beautiful, profound and elaborate imagery. Words so carefully woven. Love the title, already so expressive, the dream digger. Also, I love how your piece transistions between the past represented by “the ghost of the child” and “the old memories”, and the sadness of the present reality. Illusion and desilusion. Dream and sad reality. Loved it!

  14. mylilplace says:

    This gives me goosebumps. Well done!

  15. Beautiful, simply beautiful ! 🙂 amitiés

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