The stranger

What sort of person are you?
Do you wear foreign clothes-
A glass eye, a crutch, a rubber mask,
Stitches up your spine, is anything missing?
Yes, yes? Then we cannot admit you.

Stop crying. Expose your wrist, your hand is trembling,
Will not take a moment while we brand you with a number;
Now you are stark naked- how about this new life
Dark and stiff, not a bad fit, really.
Believe me, you will be buried in it.

Now your head, it is empty of course, coming from another land;
Out of a closet, blank as paper; oh, look, it can talk.
Talk, talk, talk in a foreign tongue- must brand that as well,
My boy, it is your last resort, will you marry it?
Your new life will work, there is nothing wrong with it.

In thirty-two years, you will still be in a hole-
A grave, with your heritage as a headstone,
And no one will care, not even your father,
He is too busy burying his other children;
By now, he is impervious to suffering
(They feel the sweet pain that only death can bring).

Copyright © 02/20/2019 lance sheridan®

The stranger

51 comments on “The stranger

  1. crazywitch25 says:

    Deep… I loved the message.

  2. Wonderful poem. Straight appeal. Got the purport of the whole beautiful piece. Nice share.

  3. ssfrerking says:

    Wow, now I have chills.

  4. Death is alluring the end of time with nothing to show, all that was has gone and is disappearing. Just a new set of clothes to carry you on. You are from a land which knows much sadness and killing so much so the parents have become hardened to the loss of their loved ones. When life is too hard it is easy to become dispassionate.

  5. huguetta says:

    Powerful! « We are all equal in the presence of death »

  6. Ramyani Bhattacharya says:

    Greatly written and a strong message. Love it. 🙂

  7. allenrizzi says:

    Powerful and richly written. 👍👍

    “Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
    I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
    I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

    I do not think that they will sing to me.”

  8. beatrice841129783 says:

    Un texte puisant
    La mort nous y ferons tous face
    douloureusement ou apaiser c’est celons….
    Ici la douleur fuit l’âme d’un père trop de souffrances tue les sentiments

    Douce soirée
    je vous embrasse

  9. what a poem , i’ve enjoyed each word, thank you 💙

  10. Very powerful Lance! Unsettling so….

  11. lampmagician says:

    Not any but I feel always like a stranger everywhere 😌 wonderful tell again 🙏❤👍

  12. Powerful and deep! as always you create an amazing poem Lance. Keep up the great job.

  13. rabirius says:

    That is one of your best works!

  14. Mary Mangee says:

    Lance, you never disappoint. Your words reach deep and encourage thought provoking musings.

  15. Your poem captured the humiliation of this process, and the disdain and racism that must be felt with little choice but to accept it.

  16. lavie13 says:

    Great poem! How hard it is to get to know ourselves…

  17. Chiru says:

    Wow… So powerfully written..

  18. These are my favorite types of poems. So much ugliness packaged with such beauty and skill. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

  19. Rano Raraku says:

    Thanks for you amazing work

  20. Sonal P Deo says:

    Such simple words yet so profound. Heartbreaking but true

  21. mylilplace says:

    Dark, haunting and definitely one of my favorites. You can carve out the story so well with your words, Lance. Love!

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