Mr. Digby and his ten pigs

Pigs love the dried mud drop
Slowly, grunting
On a grunt, up in the splattering rain drop, drops.

A testament
Prodigious in swallowing as they hog their want
Made lean bacon

In the kitchen slop and, stomaching no complaint,
Proceeded to assail
The seven troughed seas and every shallow depression.

Old Mr. Digby kept pigs, ten little ones
In his barnyard off Drury Terrace;
Butchers oft made queries
On hearing their neighbor’s pigs grunt,
Saying: Something is hoggish in a farmer who accommodates
That many squalors.

Sun faced red as a pickled beet, his raspy voice
Had long gone to seed, Mr. Digby
For no good reason
Plays host to chester, duroc, and increase,
With table scraps and cabbage feasting the palates
Of fastidious pigs.

Mr. Digby and his ten pigs

21 comments on “Mr. Digby and his ten pigs

  1. Lucky pigs of Mr. Digby, his heirs, his well-fed children, safe from the butcher, while Mr. Digby walks the earth. Long live Mr. Digby!

  2. crazywitch25 says:

    I liked this poem. it is uplifting in a strange way. Pigs are super intelligent, but they can be mean. They’ll kill you if you jump into their home. One of my relatives grew up on a farm and named his cow, loved the cow. Then when his father said it was time to slaughter the cow, he had no objection. It should be noted it’s illegal to slaughter animals with names.

  3. dourdan says:

    it’s really cute, but I can’t help but think there is a hidden, sinister message (maybe I’ve been reading too much horror.)

    basically- pigs eat anything, even human bodies (and many killers use this to their advantage when disposing of murder victims)

    So the ending kinda read as if Mr Digby died and his pigs ate him (because that’s what he would have wanted.)

    still super cute 🙂
    I love pigs.
    Happy year of the pig 2019!

  4. charef says:

    Les cochons: je ne connais pas. Mais je pense qu’içi ils ne sont qu’un prétexte pour la trame de l’histoire.Bonne soirée.

  5. beatrice841129783 says:

    Bonsoir Lances j’ai lu avec plaisir et j’ai aimé avec mon imagination débordante LOL
    Ce texte peut-il en caché un autre genre thriller ou le cochon deviendrait bouché
    Bon je divague
    Et franchement pourquoi pas imaginer le monde à l’envers à travers tes lignes
    Douce soirée amicalement

  6. I sense a twist in the peom from pigs to the emulation of behaviour in people. The way people also trough through their food. “Prodigious in swallowing as they hog their want
    Made lean bacon” The pigs were Digby’s family and treated them as such dining in the kitchen to enjoy their slop.

  7. This put a smile on my face – a nice way to start the day. Given that some of your work that I’ve read is indeed dark, I can appreciate why some would wonder if there’s a sinister meaning behind it. But I took it as proof that you do charming as well as you do dark. Your imagery, as always is vivid and memorable. Nice work.

  8. mylilplace says:

    Ah, lucky pigs. Quite different compared to your other poems but still wonderfully done! You are so talented, Lance.

  9. ssfrerking says:

    Reminds me of the time a piggy somehow got into our house and I found him eating a pot of pitted cherries. He ran out the back door before I could catch him.

  10. denise421win says:

    Best pig story I ever read

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