Razing of an edifice

Jaundiced, weathered brick,
The other, mortar, crumbling sand,
Go to a grave in a cold loaf of earth;
The mason sweat, bones and bones.

Inscribed on a tomb, these lines:
Once a monument, citizens, scant dollar
Lest your pockets,
Be now this bleak outcrop of dead stone.

String up the assembly line for the paying,
This tour season is peak on a spewed relic
Anchored in rebar and a wire cage,
Rusted as to cut a finger, your wound to keep;
These two most penetrable foes gritted in a bleed
That will rekindle a mason’s envy, drop
His soul into a dirt clime beneath the sun.

Seek not his calloused hands for a prayer,
Nor the hardened look upon his brazened face
In a black and white life, nor put up a testament
To his footsteps in the afterlife;
His sons and daughters shoot their hands
Holding a trowel, mouths like troughs remembering
A reason; they stand knee-deep in a grave.

Copyright © 02/26/2019 lance sheridan®
Razing of an edifice

35 comments on “Razing of an edifice

  1. Your words, they are so raw!

  2. I read it twice Lance, and admit it took me by surprise your ending..It could be this or it could be that, but in the end, the cemetery came into focus. Your writing is as enigmatic as an abstract, and yet all the little details are there to see.

  3. What a harsh deep and beautiful poetry! Waste and desolation as things look so desperate. Really dark and sad atmosphere. Thanks Lance for your sensitiveness. I strongly beleive there’s always hope to guide us towards our hearts

  4. Haunting words, and yet I also see hope in there. Your words are so full, and they demand more than one read to fully penetrate the soul. Thank you for writing, and sharing your words.

  5. lampmagician says:

    Great Poem my friend, it is like a travel in the soul ❤👍🙏

  6. beatrice841129783 says:

    Bonsoir Lances
    Une poésie puissante en vos vers justes et imagés à lire et relire
    On voit bien là la dureté d’un message et pourtant pointe une lueur d’espoir tel une lune qui illumine une nuit obscure de l’âme perdue
    La profondeur d’une âme au écrit du poète
    Douce nuit mes amitiés

  7. samustaad says:

    Beautiful words…. the ending took me by surprise.

  8. love4locks says:

    Hello Lance, I love this writing so much I to disagree with the tearing down of all the buildings I think that they all should be refurbished and restored. It goes against the grain of my soul when I see your tree being cut down as well. Anyhow I have been trying to follow and it will not let me even if I hit enable 🤷‍♀️ Thankfully I can still follow along and comment when I can. Thank you so much for following me on WordPress

    • Hello. My sincere thanks and gratitude for your wonderful thoughts on my poem. WP will do that. Sometimes you have to login on a laptop or desktop, rather than an app. to ‘follow’. And, you’re sincerely welcome for the ‘follow’. I wish you the best in your writing!

  9. Wow! Another one of your masterpieces. This is truly wonderful. It’s touching to read a poem on the death of an edifice, I truly believe that a building slowly acquires a soul along the way as it houses humans in it. And it is indeed sad to see it destroyed for something totally monstrous and unnecessary to take its place. Your poem is a real tribute to all those poor buildings razed to the ground.

  10. Your poems are one tablet of brain activating capsule 🙈🙈
    And I love your English

  11. Lara/Trace says:

    My first husband was a talented mason. I wish he were alive to read this – it’s wonderful.

  12. mylilplace says:

    Deep and raw. Well done!

  13. An impressive journey. Thanks for sharing.

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