I only wanted love

I drive alone;
The city sky like carbon paper,
Crumpled clouds with periods of moonlight—
Bone white in peephole after peephole;
Steam jutting up through manhole fissures,
Rising in fringes of darkness.

My hands on the steering-wheel turning down
Street after street— navigating past the labyrinth
Of thugs, eager for a knifing,
Police batons enforcing their law on it, like handcuffs;
Brutality shatters the night and makes us real.
How long can I search, keeping the loneliness off?

How long will I be alone,
Pulling down the visor on my emotions,
Intercepting the dead shadows from a cold moon.
On the radio, voices of the lonely in sorrow
Lapping up my thoughts;
It hardens me, like a dead lullaby.

There she stood without any hope
Beneath a street lamps dwindling light;
Through a whim of mine, I asked her, what is your name?
She got in, vivid at my side—
She poured out her life like cheap whiskey,
I drank it just the same.

A long ride, an accident scene—
Police lanterns doling out light here and there;
I leaned over, her door was ajar,
My emotions flowed over me with a screaming ache of pain;
I was numb in a silence,
How frail the human heart.

Copyright © 03/27/2019 lance sheridan®

I only wanted love

74 comments on “I only wanted love

  1. Patty Magyar says:

    I don’t normally read poetry but reading this is like reading a story…it’s very satisfying.

  2. “How frail the human heart”. This sinks heavily on my own fragile heart. So raw and real. Thank you for writing🙏🏻

  3. poured out her life like cheap whiskey,
    I drank it just the same.

    Very frail.

    Loved this, Lance.

  4. So noir and elegantly described! Your last verse climbs into the reader, each line a visceral squeeze..Indeed how frail our hearts, our human hearts! This is fantastic Lance!

  5. beatrice841129783 says:

    Un belle prose aux détour d’une vie et tout bascule sur une route puis le cœur en lambeau ici ecrit avec votre plume unique sur un accent douloureux
    amicalement douce fin de journée

  6. A deep poem, moving as I love them 🙂

  7. Sad and lonely, not everyone is lucky in love. Still the poem brings out very well this yearning which pervades all hearts irrespective of their social milieu.

  8. mylilplace says:

    I could see this little movie in my head, the pain palpable in each word and line. love it…

  9. rebktd says:

    Que maravilla de letras
    Me encanta como te envuelven entre ellas al leerlas

    Bella tinta !!!

  10. ssfrerking says:

    This is like watching a very dark movie. I could see every detail, feel the hollow ache of yearning unfulfilled. Great piece.

  11. Silent Hour says:

    Noir and tender at the same time — excellent.

  12. shellteacup says:

    Not a fan of poetry usually but this is good stuff, so moving. X

  13. norise says:

    molto molto apprezzata!

  14. charef says:

    Quel beau scénario poétique. L’action ne diminue pas la prestance et l’élégance de votre plume. Merci.

  15. Love the poem Lance! What a beautiful gift you have writing poetry! Blessings✨

  16. Every line of this is so startingly beautiful, yet so desperately haunting at the same time. The overall effect conveys such vivid depths of loneliness. Loneliness that is desperate, resigned, aching. Loneliness of the kind that happens in the darkness of night. Incredible writing.

  17. Sharp as a blade your emotions riding on the words of your verses.

  18. I felt the intense, bleak and ugly sense of an inner city, the depths of the city that seldom loves, seldom forgives frailty or tenderness. I also felt the hopeless loneliness of one who would seek love in such a place, the loneliness of one who could offer him nothing but another bleak life. Great imagery, Lance.

  19. And I appreciate you, your poetry truly inspires me to at least try to be a better poet.

  20. Ravisingh says:

    Superb! I loved this poem ,Sir!
    And thank you so much for your kind support!

  21. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    I always like to read your poems, even when i run of time, i’m always back for more, when i can🤗

  22. rabirius says:

    Wonderful words, Lance.

  23. Life has become like that now the violence seems to be at every corner. Those who seek love are often bewildered and alone as there are so few who are capable of giving and receiving love. The girl escapes the accident sceen perhaps she was part of it or afraid to meet the police. The unknown person giving their story and then disappearing into the darkness. Amazing poem Lance.

  24. Imelda says:

    You write raw and intense poetry.

  25. Beautifully and meticulously crafted, Lance!

  26. What an amazing journey that poem was! Very intense. Love it and I’m going to read more of your posts now 😊💕

  27. Carol Solís says:

    So frail is the human heart indeed!

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