Night shift

I haul up the night’s black peak
On a flame, in a burning air,
As moon quartz, cracks my skin
From the touch, a charred heart
As any match. Far off, the blood sea

Fever, beating a muted boom; still,
The suburb dunes naive, the sand’s
Silver mouth immense in a metallic
Taste of sulphur— however it sweats
In a wreckage of charred grasses.

Now in the crux of my vows, astounded
Fossil, I kiss the hanging fire like a
Phoenix— it drives my blood to thick,
Tethered water. Nightlong, the blaze
A red cock plucking bare the wick.

An immense dawn hammers me blunt
Into a fatigue of wax. My radiant limbs
Now blackened flesh. I seek not the
Sun, nor the hives of light. My mouth
Gasps for drafty air like a dead cat’s
(It whitens and swallows the dull ash).

Copyright © 04/06/2019 lance sheridan®

Night shift

23 comments on “Night shift

  1. The metalic city swells up with heat that a fire ignites itself upon me as I pass through the vaccumm airless streets, they are on fire with the heat the Phoenix swoops up from the darkness below forcing the blood to curdle without any flow. Everything around and within is drying up just like a cat that has died its mouth is white and dry.

    Cities can make you feel like this they are like vampires sucking the life forces out of each person and charring them into the hidden walls and streets where there is no longer any grass long time scorched by the heat and fumes.

  2. Oh so beautiful Lance, a work of poetic art.

  3. rebktd says:

    Tremendo , felicitaciones !

  4. RoseMarie says:

    Deeply felt words, Lance. Beautifully written as always 😊

  5. J says:

    I won’t decode your words on the surface, they must go deeper to find the right place to lay down and spread their meaning.
    Awesome, as usual.

  6. ssfrerking says:

    This will haunt me today.

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