Of that myth of stony looks, and serpent-heads
With flickering glass tongues;
She, out of Eden’s twisted line,
Unnerving the head God boss,
Caused men’s eyes to roll back into white sockets;

Plied her wild self in lover’s shadows—
Dragged their savior hair, squeezed the blood
Fat and red from the veined bottles;
They hissed at her sins. And the snake-charmer,
Weary of coilings and the milk-teeth,

Cut off her white head while whistling a pliant tune;
And her bough broke, limbs breasted in a wood.
An evil device to human, to nothing like a snake–
A winged horse, glory ascends, poised as an arrow,
Riding the moonlight sky. Did she escape, I wonder?

Copyright © 04/12/2019 lance sheridan®


35 comments on “Medusa

  1. How interesting that Medusa’a only crime was to have beautiful hair and that many men courted her tor it. The real crime was envy and jealousy from Athena, who’s husband raped her!!…Medusa, alive, never killed anyone, but her decapitated head the hands of Perseus, her beheader, who she worshiped.. Loved you poem and the subject

  2. Regal Medusa was a beauty. Famed for intoxicating men with her head of snakes. Such a myth must have been created by a woman, one of jealous nature and had her killed and cursed. Her spirit escaped on the point of cutting her head off, this form of killing releases the spirit quickly. Medusa spirit was replaced with an evil Jezebel spirit to lure men.

  3. RoseMarie says:

    Oh, Lance. You’re such a spin-master of words, this take on Medusa is fabulous.

  4. Enjoying the comments here as much as your poem.

  5. Medusa like Black Widow did indeed escape and will live to find other victims to love and kill until finally, uneventfully brought down. Medusa met her love match and wears the bruises to prove it; Black Widow a can of potent spider spray.

  6. Very powerful images that put you in the middle of the storm.

  7. lampmagician says:

    despite the danger, wakening the Temptations! Great Poet again 🙏👍

  8. nice poem. great images. black is powerful

  9. denise421win says:

    Wow, you are a great story teller, I nominated you for an award, I hope you will be a winner

  10. denise421win says:

    The person who nominated me said I should do a post like this one , so I thought it would be good for me to show it to you

  11. Nika says:

    Magnificent description!

  12. I think…!!!! Amazing ideas 🌷⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  13. Glorious! You make her seem like the most beautiful creature. I can almost see Pegasus riding into the moonlight now …….

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