The orphan stars

Abandoned astral light dropping as stones
Into pickets of waves whose silhouettes are
Darker than the night sky because it is lightless.
The sea is a well. The stars drop silently.
They seem large, once held in space, now
Motionless, save for the fall; distressed and
Anxious, they are eaten by the moonlight.

Astraea sees that the heavens are different.
There is a sense of absence in a once
Shining place. The stars have always treated
Her well; but like children, they are wan, and are
Dulled by much traveling. They drink from the
Small night chill and shut their weary eyes.
She, a puritan, searches, does not overlook them

By looking too hard. They are sparse in the sea,
Yet, infinite dust shyly on a shore. Nevertheless,
Astraea accounts for them all. On this night, with
A view of the sky, she places them in a new
Constellation, Ophiuchus. There is a hint of ease
Here. Suddenly light. They oust their enlightened
Peer, the moon. They are no longer the blunt ones.

Copyright © 04/28/2019 lance sheridan®

The orphan stars

41 comments on “The orphan stars

  1. Beautiful, Lance. Really loved this one.

  2. crazywitch25 says:

    Enjoyed this poetic story! Good job! How long have you been writing poetry?

  3. So beautiful – like a dream …

  4. Such interesting imagery…”eaten by the moonlight.”

  5. Words fail me when reading the magic of this poem. Stars are amazing and the Holy Angel Astraea looks after them from afar. The star dust lovingly gathered as the Moon did not really eat them it just looked this way and they were placed in another gallaxy to shine once again a new home in much need of their light.

  6. Fascinating, the life of the astral bodies. I really loved this poem, the other worldliness transporting the reader to the heavens.

  7. I read your poems-then go to google and always I learn something new!
    Astraea (goddess of innocence) returns one day to earth…ending human suffering.
    lovely image. 💜

  8. I like your cosmic poem, Lance.
    In friendship

  9. librepaley says:

    Such a sensuous tone and evocative images.

  10. gaiainaction says:

    Totally love this poem, it sure speaks and in beautiful language. Thanks for visiting my blog also. Kind regards, Agnes

  11. lampmagician says:

    You have a brilliant way to Express your poems, really amazing 👍❤

  12. Watt says:

    Wow. The first paragraph is blessed with celstial rage expressed beautifully in the poem.

  13. A really impressive write, Lance! Mighty good job!

  14. The language of stars is a mistery of death and life.

  15. I envy your ease w/ words, Lance. You shape beauty both carefully and casually.

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